Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How to Share Internet Connection using Wireless

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Hallo...it's so long time never post in may blog...ohh i miss my blog,,,

one time you want to using internet together with your friend but you have just one connection internet n it only can use by one computer...
oke don't afraid, don't be stupid, don't b confuse!!!

this side we assume that your wireless device work correctly..
there are 2 ways to share your internet connection, using wireless.
First, u can make adhoc from control panel or you can read many article about it in here.

Second, we can make it easy using software helper.
    i using software name "Connectify", how to use it??

1. Download software here
2. Install the software and wait until finish
3. Then you must enter your email n serial key to activation..you can copy the key from keygen

usually connectify running at toolbar,
now time to setting your connectify sofware...

1. you must fill Hostspot-name ex: "myHostspot"
2. fill password field you want, this field depend on Security Mode field,
there are three menu in this field :
       a. Open (this mode allow all people to connect your connection without enter the password).
       b. WAP(i don't know what it mean but i know that this mode require pasdword to connect). 
       c. WPA2(it's have same function with WAP).
3. Share Over, in this field you can set the kind of sharing, 
4. Internet to share, in here to make easy yu can make oautomatic, it mean this software automaticly find the way can be share.
5. Oke the finally klik Start Hotspot to start sharing your connection,
You can also monitoring who connect to your connection at the "Clients tab"

I hope it's help for you,

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